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Bonvo is a concept trip designer company, started our journey from a desire of social and cultural upliftment through organised productive tour and travels. Our ambitious vision is to transform one dimensional travel experience into a more dynamic and vibrant life experience. Once in a life time opportunity to harness extraordinary potential the world has to offer. We just don’t offer you a travel package, we are bound to help you make your world class dreams come true. Whatever your goals are, we will help to lay down the necessary stepping stones to launch your dream projects and initiatives. Dreams are just mere electric impulses until it is nurtured with sufficient action and vision. Beyond this, you should have enough personal and business connections to learn from the best.

This is why we provide informative and practical sessions with successful entrepreneurs and business teachers. These interactive session will propel business ideas to a more viable practical ventures.

In short we just want to create a healthy luxurious environment to travel and exploit the opportunities world has to offer. We are thrilled to enhance people’s life through memorable travel and to transform their dream to reality.

A world that knows each other, is closer to heaven, and is explored to learn, grow and stay happier.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Connecting people’s goals with their values through purposeful, eventful and educating explorations of not just the outer world, but also the inner world. And give them precious insights as well as opportunities to grow in their personal, professional and spiritual lives.


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